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Adam Oram, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Adam has been writing about technology since 2013 and currently holds the role of Reviews Editor at Today’s iPhone, PhoneDog and Android and Me, a role that he balances with his Noted duties.

Contact Adam: @adamoram | adam@notedtech.net


Josh Hrach, Contributor
Josh is a husband and father from Arizona. Consultant by day, developer by night, and musician on weekends, he lives around the technology scene.

Contact Josh: @joshhrach | joshspadd.com


Dillon Klassen, Designer
Dillon is a graphic/web designer working out of Portland, Oregon. His work has been featured on album artwork, book covers, an online magazine, and his photography is available on a commercial basis.

Contact Dillon:  @thedillonator | thedillonator.co

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