Samsung set to remove bloatware from TouchWiz


If you've ever tried one of Samsung's many Android devices, you will know all too well the additional software "features" that the company adds with its TouchWiz interface. 

Many of the included software capabilities have been criticized in the past as being gimmicky and not all that useful with the end result being bloated and heavy software. According to a report from SamMobile, that's about to change with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 this year. Instead of being crammed full of S-branded appendages the S6 will apparently feature a stripped-back, almost Nexus-like interface with and Samsung-branded add-ons being downloadable instead of pre-installed. 

While it's unclear exactly which apps and features will be affected, it's most likely that apps like Story Album, S Translator and possibly S Voice will get the boot with the more integrated features like Smart Stay and S Health probably sticking around. 

Samsung removing some bloatware and tightening up its TouchWiz code can only be beneficial for those using its devices and making that next flagship a more attractive prospect.

Source: SamMobile