Where does Apple go from here?

M.G. Siegler on Medium

The iPhone will eventually fade as all businesses do. But as Apple proved with the iPod, they know how to use a phenomenon to fuel the search for the next one. The iPhone may give them a decade to do that. Maybe longer.

But again, the bar is now just set so high. What on Earth can be a bigger business than the iPhone? It’s impossible to come up with something right now because it seemingly doesn’t yet exist. It’s not cars. It’s not banking. It’s not even oil. It will have to be invented.

Or it’s possible that it does exist right now and it’s a market waiting for the catalyst that the iPhone was for smartphones. And it’s fun to think about what it could be. But it’s impossible to know. Even Apple didn’t know how big the iPhone business would become.

It's a great question that M.G. puts forward. Where does Apple go from here? 

Source: Medium