Nexus 6 vs. OnePlus One

Bryan Collom on Medium:

Google’s Nexus brand has long been synonymous with value and example for Android. Great specs, the latest version of Android, and a great price used to be the staple for the Nexus program. Used to be. Now, Google is aiming to have Android everywhere. Google has ditched the budget phone market in favor of carrier subsidized premium handsets. Enter the Nexus 6, the big, beautiful, expensive flagship built by Motorola.

Motorola is one of the most successful phone companies of all time, crafting the first portable phone, the ultra popular RAZR and Droid lines, and now having a renaissance after a date with Google. Google and Motorola teaming up like superheroes to make a super phone was a no brainer.

Enter a brand new company out of China, OnePlus. Founded on the ideal of the mantra, “Never Settle”. OnePlus hyped themselves up immensely, taking shots at every phone manufacturer on earth without having a phone released yet. Finally, the unveiling of the OnePlus One came, and with it, the invite system that most despise. Regardless, OnePlus has created a runaway hit with the OnePlus One using the same formula Google set a foundation with on their Nexus line. Great hardware and software at an unbeatable price.

Bryan has put together a comprehensive comparison of the Nexus 6 and OnePlus One — two of the most interesting Android phones unveiled in 2014 — taking a look at overall build quality, screen quality, software, battery life and camera performance.

It's a deep dive, him having spent a considerable amount of time with both handsets, and covers pretty much everything you need to know in order to decide which device is for you.

The OnePlus One, which is half the price of the Nexus 6, holds up very well in his testing which was a surprise to me. The whole piece is definitely worth a read, plus Bryan's photography is really beautiful.

Source: Medium