The story behind the Surface Book’s crazy new hinge

Image: WIRED

Image: WIRED

Margaret Rhodes speaking with Microsoft's industrial design lead Ralf Groene about Surface Book's unique 'Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge':

“Our whole focus was to make the hinge be the hinge, and roll out, and save weight,” he says. “Concentrating on what the function should be almost suggests what the form should be, so we ended up with these different sections nesting together.” Groene even likens the final design to a folio, for how it elegantly rolls over onto itself. Again, that was all coincidental.

“The whole thing is pure function,” Groene says.

It's abundantly clear that aesthetic appeal was not one of the Groene's considerations for the hinge.

I tend to agree with G. Keenan Schneider's thoughts on the product over at #NoOctothorpe — it's generally good looking, the marketing is on point, and it's symbolic as a product of 'New Microsoft'. However, that hinge lets the whole thing down for me. Surely — functionally — that hinge should be capable of closing shut as a minimum requirement.

Source: WIRED