5 Years of BirchTree

Matt Birchler at BirchTree:

5 Years of BirchTree is a compilation of 52 pieces I have written between 2012 and today (2010-2011 are still lost to the ages), and I think it represents my best work. The collection includes both technical and non-techy pieces on a whole host of subjects. The marketer in me would say “it has something for everybody!” and he would be right, but the more nerdy you are the more you’ll get out of it (especially the second half which goes full-nerd).

Matt is one of a few indie writers who I genuinely enjoy reading on a daily basis. He's killing it right now with BirchTree and his weekly podcast Bite Size Tech, and 5 Years of BirchTree illustrates the amount of hard work and devotion that he puts into his projects. I'm reading the book now and there are some gems in there.

5 Years of BirchTree can be purchased directly from Matt's site for $4.99 and it's coming to iBooks soon. Buy it to support Matt and his great work.

Source: BirchTree