Myke Hurley on Apple Pencil

Myke Hurley, podcaster and noted pen enthusiast, on the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil works differently. Because of a combination of Bluetooth and the fact that Apple designed the Pencil and the iPad Pro to work in conjunction with each other, the iPad Pro is able to accurately distinguish the difference between the Pencil tip and any touch input.

I have been astounded by just how well this works. I can have my arm, wrist, and other hand on the screen, and the iPad Pro can distinguish the movement of the Pencil over the movement of anything else. I am thoroughly impressed by this.

Myke has great perspective on the Pencil thanks to his fondness for writing implements. Rather than focusing solely on the Pencil's capabilites as a stylus for drawing, sketching and design work as many reviews have, he instead looks more deeply into its performance as a tool for taking handwritten notes: 

Let's face it, it is extremely unlikely that any digital experience is going to ever be able to replicate the feel of a pencil or a pen gliding across a piece of paper. The joy that we all feel when using our favourite combinations are unlikely to ever be matched by glass and plastic. But that's not what this product is about.

What I was looking for from the Apple Pencil was to be able to write naturally on the screen, in the size I usually write, and it visually match what I would expect to see.

And it does.

It's a unique take, and definitely worth a read. 

Source: The Pen Addict