Relay FM Memberships

Today, the Relay FM podcast network introduced Memberships as a way to directly support the network, its shows and its hosts (as well as gain some neat perks):

From the beginning, Relay FM has been a community for podcasters, listeners and follow-uppers to share their common interests and passions. Now, with a Relay FM membership, you can directly support the hosts of your favorite shows.

Each show has three options for membership:

Silver: Support monthly for $5/month
Gold: Support monthly for $10/month
Support annually for $100

For me, it's a no-brainer to support Myke and Stephen, as well as all the great shows, at Relay. My podcast queue is constantly filled with Relay shows and a large portion of my daily listening belongs to the network. 

As fans of the people and content at Relay, we've long been asking for a direct way to support them. This is it. 

Source: Relay FM