Flipboard lands on the Web

Flipboard, the popular news reading app iPhone, iPad and Android, is coming to the Web. Starting today, you'll be able to access all of the content in your 'personal magazine' on the desktop, and it looks pretty great. 

By developing for mobile first (Flipboard was originally built for the iPad in 2010), we saw that content could shine again in a clean and uncluttered environment. The Web evolved, too, with things like responsive design making for easier (and prettier) reading and navigation. The vision of our founders—to bring a print-like aesthetic to digital content—could finally be realized.

You’ll see that Flipboard.com has its own look and feel. As with developing for iPhone, Android and Windows, the team builds on a platform’s unique attributes while still retaining the heart and soul of Flipboard.

I use Flipboard every day to browse articles and social media feeds together in its magazine like UI on the iPhone and iPad, curating my own Apple, Tech and App magazines. 

It's nice to see the team has retained much of the clean Flipboard reading environment without trying to force the magazine metaphor onto a non touchscreen device, instead optimizing for mouse input. I'm looking forward to trying out Flipboard for the Web over the next few days. 

The Verge has more on Flipboard for the Web.

Source: Inside Flipboard