Snapchat's Discover could be huge for news

Kevin Roose at Fusion:

There’s a ton of chatter in the media world about Snapchat’s foray into news. And the media is right to gossip: Snapchat Discover is huge. I’m not privy to Fusion’s Snapchat metrics (and even if I were, they wouldn’t be representative of the platform as a whole, since we’re only on the non-US, non-UK versions of Discover) and Snapchat isn’t giving out any specifics. But from speaking to people at several other news organizations, I can tell you secondhand that the numbers, at least for the initial launch period, were enormous. We’re talking millions of views per day, per publisher.

I'm interested to see how publishers adapt their content for the Snapchat audience. Of course, highly visual, multi-media is going to work best but there are a number of other things to consider: short attention spans, producing snappy stories, curation, portrait video, a 24-hour (and not up-to-the-minute) refresh rate, being self-contained in the Snapchat app, and generating revenue, to name a few. 

As Kevin notes, Snapchat Discover won't replace The New York Times homepage, but it stands to threaten apps like Circa, Yahoo News Digest, NYT Now and others that deliver the news in bitesize chunks. Snapchat also has the potential to make or break a publication by allowing or denying it a place on the Discover pane. 

While publishers might not like being at the whim of Snapchat, if Snapchat is where the kids are, it's where the media needs to be. Let's see where Discover goes. 

Source: Fusion