Microsoft's long and short game

Alex Wilhelm and Ron Miller at TechCrunch

Golfers like to talk about their long game and their short game. Maybe it’s useful to look at Microsoft’s strategy that way too. Since Satya Nadella took over just over a year ago as CEO at Microsoft, he has started to redirect the company, looking at the short term, while perhaps beginning to formulate a plan for the next wave of computing.

Microsoft has made some interesting moves since Nadella became CEO. With the PC market in decline, Nadella's Microsoft has shown willingness to invest in mobile. With apps for iOS and Android and a real push to grow the market share of its own mobile devices with Windows 10, it's clear that Nadella understands the importance of the computers in our pockets. Whether or not the multiple device, one-OS-to-rule-them-all attitude will work with Windows 10 remains to be seen.

If the short term is mobile, then the long term has to revolve around Microsoft's more unusual projects. Look at HoloLens, Xbox and the Minecraft purchase — these are atypical Microsoft ventures and attempts to put the Microsoft brand in front of new audiences, particularly younger generations. These potential future Microsoft customers will have no concept of the Microsoft of the '90s or the failure that has been Windows Phone to this point. 

Can Microsoft stay relevant? Nadella is certainly trying his best to make it so. 

Source: TechCrunch