Behind the App

In the first episode of “Behind the App”, a special series of Inquisitive, we take a look at the beginnings of iOS app development, by focusing on the introduction of the iPhone and the App Store.

Myke Hurley of Relay FM rebooted his Inquisitive podcast today. Formerly a 1-on-1 interview show, this new series marks the start of a new format that focuses on storytelling. 

I've just listened to the first installment of Behind the App. The story is fascinating, the guests extremely interesting and the overall production is way above other tech shows. 

Myke writes:

As of today, I have three episodes recorded of the series. I expect it to run for maybe 10-15 episodes, but I'm going to see how that fares as I continue to plough through.

Making these shows has been an incredible amount of work, but I am so proud of them. It's totally different in style and production to anything I have made before, and I am learning new skills as I progress. I think I'm getting better at it every day too.

I genuinely believe that my last five years in podcasting has taught me all of the base skills that I needed to do this, and 'Behind the App' is going to teach me what I need to know for the next five years.

I'm glad to see Myke and the Relay team push podcasting beyond the hour-long chat show format that has become so common. I loved the insightful individual interviews on Inquisitive, and CMD+Space before that — both a huge inspiration for my own Noted Interviews series —  but I am even more excited to hear the stories told in this new style. 

Check out the show at Relay's site, subscribe on iTunes or find Inquisitive in your podcast app of choice. 

Sources: Inquisitive, Relay FM