Literally Can't Even: Snapchat debuts first original web series and it is atrocious

As part of its new Discover media platform play, Snapchat has taken the opportunity to push some home-grown content with a new, weekly in-app series entitled Literally Can't Even. And it is atrocious.

The show, which appears every week before disappearing after 24 hours and takes advantage of the portrait viewing orientation in unique ways, falls short in every other way possible.

My expectations were low but having sat through what felt like the longest 4 minutes and 28 seconds of my life, I can confirm that the 'show' is amateurish, shallow, awkward, cringeworthy, cliched, unfunny, and downright painful to watch. It seems I am not alone in thinking this. 

If you must check it out, the first episode has been uploaded to YouTube by some kind soul. I'm not linking to it because I think that's for the best.