The problem with Android

My friend Bryan Collom on Medium:

Android is a wonderfully imperfect operating system. Once known as the anti-iOS, solely for the use of power users and nerds. Times have changed in a big way. Android has changed drastically since then. The problem with Android lies within Google itself, as well as some of the vocal user base that can scare new users. Google has long struggled for control over Android, but are fighting an uphill battle against carriers and OEMs. Google is also attempting to turn Android into a consistent, accessible experience for everyone; a more common consumer based Android. Finally, Android is a wonderful operating system. But the underlying problem is some of the user base and “solutions” that ultimately cause more problems.

Bryan knows a thing or two about Android. His astute analysis outlines some of the challenges modern Android, and the Android community at large, faces. It's a great piece. 

Source: Medium