Why every photo storage startup dies or gets acquired

Casey Newton at The Verge:

At this point, every major tech company offers some sort of photo service for storage or sharing. But none are as fully featured, or easy to use, as Picturelife is. Apple’s Photo Stream is all but incomprehensible to me. Google’s photo product, while very good, is buried inside Google+. Amazon’s photo storage service, tied to Prime, is just getting started. Facebook’s service is designed more for sharing photos than for organizing them. Dropbox’s Carousel seems to exist for the sole purpose of helping people consume their Dropbox storage.

No wonder people keep building superior services: it’s impossible to store your photos with Apple, or Google, or Amazon, and not imagine you could do it better. And the need grows larger every day.

I feel Casey's pain. There is such an enormous need for a dedicated photo management solution, and seemingly a huge market for it (at least in tech circles), yet none of the ones we've seen have managed to turn it into a sustainable business, instead dying off or being acquired by larger companies. 

Everpix was the closest to the perfect photo storage, backup and viewing solution for me, yet it went under despite having a passionate, paying user base.

It's certainly a huge challenge as well as an opportunity.

Source: The Verge