Will.i.am's Puls: A lesson in how not to do wearable tech

Raymond Wong reviews Black Eyed Peas frontman and tech aficionado Will.i.am's Puls smartwatch for Mashable and it makes for a scathing read. Highlights include: 

There are so many things wrong with Will.i.am's Puls smartwatch, er ... smart bangle wearable that I don't even know where to begin
The Puls is clunky at first sight and makes an awful first impression. 

It's a big, ugly plastic bracelet with a screen and processor crammed inside.
An ugly smartphone can be hidden away in a pocket, but a big chunky wrist-shackle can't. 
I could barely see the screen properly while indoors, and it's near impossible to see under the sun.
But the worst part about the Puls's software is its awful typing experience — it's a real nightmare.
The Puls is a completely unintuitive wearable that is literally painful to wear and operate. Its battery life also sucks.
The Puls is a lesson in how not to design a wearable. In no way is it worth $400.
If Will.i.am's intent was to make a house arrest anklet for your wrist, then congrats because the Puls looks and feels like one.

Smartwatches are hard. 

Source: Mashable