Google Glass isn't dead

Yes, Glass is the tech world’s favorite punching bag—particularly in the popular press. On Thursday, The New York Times published something that read a lot like an obituary for Google’s computerized eyewear, and somehow blamed its sudden death on Google founder Sergey Brin and his extramarital affair with a Glass marketing manager. “Perhaps the biggest splash took place last week when, out of nowhere, Google announced that Glass, as we know it, was going away,” The Times wrote. “Poof! Gone. All that fanfare for nothing.”

Glass in its current form is dead but Google certainly isn't done with the project. Moving the Glass team out of Google X and putting it under Tony Fadell's management shows that much.  

“Our recent changes reiterate Google’s commitment to the wearables category in general and we are heads down building the future of the product,” Ivy Ross, the vice president of Google Glass, who will work under Fadell, says in a statement sent to WIRED.

I think it will be some time before we see a version of Glass that is accepted by the public at large though. It's much easier to convince someone to strap on a watch than it is to wear a piece of science fiction on their face. 

Source: WIRED