BuzzFeed at Apple's 'Spring Forward' event

Seeing that BuzzFeed was invited to Apple's March 9th event was highly interesting. Particularly when you consider that the video production arm got an invite, not just some of the senior tech folks that now call BuzzFeed home.

The videos that came out of the event, above and below, were different than much of what you'd see in the tech press and are certainly aimed at a different audience. 

I can understand why Apple did this — it needs Apple Watch to reach beyond the tech fans and early adopters, just like how it invited fashion press to the September Watch unveiling and has flirted with the fashion industry since — but it's a significant change. It also speaks volumes as to the influence BuzzFeed now holds. 

Apple was also keen share BuzzFeed's content:

If it were in doubt, this is the new Apple.