HTC's iterative One M9

I'm disappointed to read some of the coverage surrounding HTC's latest flagship smartphone: the One M9. It's predecessors have been at the top of the pile of Android phones (at least in terms of build quality) but the M9 has disappointed those who have had hands-on time so far. 

Darren Orf at Gizmodo:

This is the new HTC One, the third in a line of phones that got Android devices to adopt metal finishes and really just up their design game in general. And the HTC One M9 continues the well-designed tradition. But when you get something so right the first time around, it can be more of a curse than a blessing. [...]'s just not amazingly better in any real way

I also agree with Darren in terms of the weird raised lip on the front of the device — it's a bit of a blemish in contrast to the gorgeous metal rear. 

Vlad Savov at The Verge is equally scathing:

The first all-aluminum HTC One is now two years old. The lineage it began in 2013 has been successful in earning plaudits and sales, but the old formula of high-end design and materials can only work so long as it’s regularly refreshed with new ideas. HTC openly admits that it’s combining the strengths of 2013’s One M7 and 2014’s One M8 to create what it believes is the best One yet. But remixing the past is not a sign of innovation, and neither is the addition of a fast new processor just because it’s fast and new, or multiplying the megapixels of a camera that’s still not good enough.

HTC can do better. I want to see it do better.

Sources: Gizmodo, The Verge