Apple Watch is the Rising Tide That Lifts All Smart Watches

Matt Birchler at BirchTree:

The simple fact is that people are more interested in what Apple is doing than basically anybody else. And this is for good reason: Apple has routinely jumped into markets that were struggling to gain traction and transformed them into highly desirable, lucrative markets.

I think the Apple Watch will have a great first year. Supply will likely be constrained for months after release, and I fully expect it to have a bananas holiday season, replacing the iPad as the go-to tech gift of the year. 2015 will be ripe with Apple Watch users showing off their new watches to their family and friends. 2016 may very well see a boom in Android Wear and Pebble sales once people who don’t have an iPhone decide they want in on this new craze.

Bottom line: don’t count Apple out when they enter a new/struggling market. They’ve done this a few times before.

I couldn't agree with Matt more. I shared a similar sentiment over at Today's iPhone back in February when looking forward to Apple's March event:

The headstart Apple stands to gain from a high-profile launch still only benefits users of iOS. Given Apple Watch only works with iPhone, Android users wanting to get ahold of a smartwatch will have to opt for an option from Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony or one of the other Android OEMs. If Apple Watch proves popular, it will no doubt increase sales of Android-compatible alternatives.

This is a good thing. Competition is beneficial for everyone.

2015 is going to be a big year for wearables. 

Sources: BirchTree, Today's iPhone