A Week in the Life of Indie Developers

Graham Spencer at MacStories:

Earlier this year I published an article that was essentially just a list of indie iOS/Mac developers and we got a great reaction to it (and we promise an update is coming). Inspired by the developers featured in that article, I asked a handful of them to write a journal of what they do in a week of development, and for some crazy reason, they agreed to contribute. Those generous developers are (in no particular order) Oisin and Padraig from Supertop, David Smith, Philip Simpson from Shifty Jelly, Greg Pierce from Agile Tortoise, and Junjie from Clean Shaven Apps.

I thought Graham did a great job compiling his original list of indie developers. But his latest article today is much more interesting. Even if you’re not an indie developer, some of the points from this article are definitely worth checking out.

Each of the developers in Graham’s article take a different approach to their work week. Some of the experiences involve teams across multiple time zones and continents. With more and more people working remotely and interacting with diverse teams, there’s no doubt that these experiences can be beneficial to anyone in the workforce. Even if you work a 9-to-5 day at an office, you’ll find some informative gems.

I personally work a regular day job from home. The majority of my team is in Chicago, with several contractors working from New York and Serbia. While just a contractor myself, I do my best to stay organized, focused, and productive. I also have to stay in touch with all parties on issues that arise. Some of the challenges that I deal with are reflected in these experiences. I know I’ll be re-reading this article a few times to pick out some little tips that I can apply to my own work situation. At the very least, even if your work situation is vastly different, you’ll find this to be a great insight into the life of a developer.

Source: MacStories