Adding a Touch of Liveliness


I love the amount of effort David Smith is putting into his Apple Watch apps. The fact that he's being so open about the development process is even better. 

It works, does the job, but ultimately felt rather flat. Especially for an app that you will likely only spend a moment checking. It just didn’t seem like a particularly engaging experience.

The answer to improving that turned out to be adding a touch of liveliness into the opening experience. [...]

The result feels more engaging and appealing visually. The whole thing isn’t long (just 0.5 seconds) but makes the experience of opening the app significantly less jarring. That subtle change though makes a big difference. I doubt many users would be able to articulate the difference but I’m sure they’d feel it.

I suspect these little touches will go a long way in differentiating a WatchKit app. Since doing anything lively takes significant effort the apps that go that extra mile will likely stand out.

Really thinking about these seconds-long interactions will help apps stand out on Apple Watch. 

Source: Developing Perspective