Taking Calls on Smart Watches is Actually Really Cool

Matt Birchler at BirchTree:

I saw something amazing today. I saw someone making a call on a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch.

Stay with me, that’s not meant to be a punchline. [...]

I had always thought that taking a call on a smart watch would be weird and kind of embarrassing to do in public. I found the opposite to be true; it made the concept of holding a phone to your ear seem quaint and old. I had to make a call later in the day and was struck with how restricted my movement was due to the phone propped up between my shoulder and ear.

This is very interesting to me and I'm extremely surprised to hear that phone calls on the watch were possible without having to hold the device in front of the face à la Dick Tracy.

If Apple Watch — which is already looking like it will be the most commonplace smartwatch when it begins shipping — can do this, I wonder if talking to our devices in public will become more normal. For me, speaking to Siri in earshot of someone else or even participating in a call on my iPhone using the headphone mic feels like a social faux pas currently. Perhaps this is another way in which life will never be the same

Source: BirchTree