Hours goes free to celebrate Apple Watch launch


Jeremy Olson, Tapity founder:

Our time-tracking app, Hours, has done really well for itself. It has sold tens of thousands of copies as a $6.99 app and has earned six figure revenues in less than a year on the market.

Today we are celebrating the launch of the Apple Watch version by making Hours completely free — no strings attached…

As a man with multiple projects on the go, I love Hours and use it throughout my day, every day. The Apple Watch version of Hours looks like an even more efficient way to track time.

Going free is risky — and the company is forgoing thousands of dollars of Apple Watch launch day revenue — but Jeremy explains why the team has decided to go down this path with Hours:

We will have ways to monetize power users and reward users who have already paid for Hours, but we imagine most individuals will use Hours for free. Then we focus on taking every ounce of friction out of Hours spreading from an individual to a team and eventually to an entire company. Get a few thousand teams paying a monthly subscription and now we have a real business.

We have a lot in the pipeline to put this strategy into play this year and it all starts now with the Apple Watch.

I recommend you read all of Jeremy's blog post at the source link. It's a fascinating and refreshingly frank insight into app development and how Tapity plans to turn Hours into a better business. But most of all, I recommend you download Hours and give it a spin. 

Source: Medium