No, Apple isn’t cutting Pebble off from iOS

David Pierce at WIRED:

This week, just ahead of the Apple Watch’s launch, the App Store rejected updates to a handful of iOS apps that support the Pebble. That led many to worry that Cupertino was trying to quash its competitor as its own smartwatch hit the market. But WIRED has learned Apple’s review team simply made a mistake, and the company plans to continue supporting Pebble as it always has. For now, at least. [...]

This is about more than Pebble. There’s been apparent progress on making Android Wear compatible with iOS, something Apple could quash at any moment. Fitbit has an API, which others can use to make compatible apps. Could it be deemed a competitor? What about Jawbone? Or Nest, which competes with HomeKit? The Watch is among Apple’s widest-ranging products ever, with such vast possibilities that it’s competition could include virtually anything.

This is great news for Pebble the company and owners of the Pebble watches.

I actually think it would be a bad decision for Apple to drop support for Pebble and other connected accessories — many add a lot of value to the iOS ecosystem. If Apple wants to compete, it can do so by making better products with tighter first-party integration. That should be enough to draw in customers (and it's certainly worked in the past). 

Source: WIRED