The Apple Watch App Glut

Christopher Meinck with some great advice for new Apple Watch owners over at everythingiCafe:

Notification overload is a real thing on mobile. Now imagine being tapped on the wrist throughout the day for a each breaking news story, to do list or reminder that it’s your turn to play Trivia Crack. Yes, that’s a real Apple Watch app. I think this level of hyper notifications will ultimately be beneficial, but it’s going to take time. [...]

Start with the core apps and gradually make your way to Apple Watch apps that enhance your life.

There's a temptation to load up the Watch with all of the compatible apps but that could quickly lead to a negative experience.

Matt Birchler shares a similar sentiment at BirchTree:

I think that everyone, myself included, is going to get their shiny new Apple Watch and load it up with a bunch of crap. There are over 3,000 apps already available to download, and we’re going to install way more of those on our Watches than we really should. There’s a game section with a bunch of free games that we’re going to try; none of which will likely still be played a few weeks down the road. There are productivity apps, apps for travel, apps for your health, apps for news hounds, apps for cooking, and for shopping, and for sports, and for weather. [...]

These first few weeks are going to be a wild west of installing all the things and figuring out what we like. We’re going to be using our Watches poorly. Very poorly.

It's going to take some time to get used to the Apple Watch and figure out what it's good for and, just as importantly, what it's bad for. 

Sources: everythingiCafe, BirchTree