Sponsor: Blink: Better Affiliate Links

Blink: Better Affiliate Links is an iOS affiliate linking app that works with the iTunes affiliate program and makes the process of creating affiliate links much less time-consuming and fiddly.

With Blink, you can quickly search across the App Store, the Mac App Store, the iTunes Store and the iBooks store and generate affiliate links from the results. Blink also converts appsto.re, itun.es, appstore.com and itunes.com links into affiliate links. Especially helpful for writers, Blink can create affiliate links as plain links or using one of three Markdown formats.

Blink also includes an extension that makes it simple to generate links from within Apple's mobile stores and anywhere else you find links. You can even integrate Blink into more complex workflows with its URL scheme. 

Check out Blink: Better Affiliate Links on the App Store now.