Federico Viticci's iOS 9 wishes

Federico Viticci at MacStories outlines his vision for how the next major version of Apple's mobile operating system can build on iOS 8: 

Freed from the preconceptions of "things they'd never do", iOS 9 gives Apple the opportunity to continue extending iOS. To make iOS more personal, useful, and flexible for all kinds of users and apps.

With iOS 8, Apple started breaking down barriers that had long prevented iOS devices from being used as primary computers. Millions of people are now using iPhones and iPads as their only window into the digital world; new ideas for improvements and use cases surface every year.

Now is not the time to take the foot off the pedal. Anyone who uses iOS regularly enough can see how, beyond its advancements and changes, iOS 8 left clear unmarked spots. Those areas are the new low-hanging fruit. There's no point in stopping iOS innovation now, for it would slow down an OS that still has plenty of catch-up ahead of it. [...]

iOS 7 revolutionized the design of iOS. With iOS 8, Apple reimagined its functionality. This year, it's time for maturity.

It's a long read — published last Wednesday, it has taken me until today to fully read and process it — but it is highly insightful one. As a blogger who works on iOS primarily, his iPad his main computer, putting out the quality of content that makes up MacStories, I trust Federico's opinions on this.

There's not a single point in this article I disagree with, but a lot of it I wouldn't have thought of.

Source: MacStories