You can't put delight in a spreadsheet

A really excellent read from Mark D. Miller outlining the experiences he's had with the Watch in his first week of ownership:

What matters is not the cost-benefit analysis; what matters is whether Apple Watch makes life deeper, richer, and more fulfilling. As I started to write this article, I initially tried to evaluate whether Apple Watch was worth its price. But that thought utterly obliterated my joy and delight the way an elephant’s foot obliterates a banana.

There are just some things that cannot be evaluated monetarily, where even the attempt to do so destroys the value that they had. Things like love, joy, delight, intimacy, and time make our lives richer; they make life worth living; they make us deeply human. They can’t be bought, paid for, earned, deserved, or evaluated. They live in the realm of the liberal arts, of poetry and song and art, not of accountants, bottom lines, and spec sheets. In my first week, Apple Watch helped bring them to me. And you can’t put that in a spreadsheet.