iMore's definitive Apple Watch review

If you only read one Apple Watch review, make it Rene Ritchie and co.'s deep dive into the wearable device over at iMore:

With the iPhone, Apple sought to emphasize the mobile computer. With the Apple Watch, the company has chosen to focus on the watch.

This reflects the reality of how we've traditionally worn technology on our wrists — from mechanical to digital, from chronograph to calculator. By incorporating all the benefits of modern mobile computing, including communications and control, tracking and payments, it gives us more: It gives us our dreams.

We've read and watched them since childhood. Dick Tracy. Michael Knight. James Bond. They've been in the pages of our comics, and on our TV sets and movie screens, tantalizing us with just exactly those features.

That makes the Apple Watch a unique challenge. To succeed it needs to balance both past and future, tradition and technology, expectations and power efficiency. It needs to satisfy both reality and our dreams. So, does it?

It's a long read at around 20,000 words over ten pages — I'm only a few pages deep as I stopped to link it here — but I can't recommend it enough (even if you just want to ogle at the gorgeous photography). 

Source: iMore