Facebook's Little Red Book

Former Facebook designer Ben Barry has published a series of scans from the company's 'Little Red Book'. Created in 2012, it has been handed out to new employees since to explain the company culture, as Barry explains:

As the company of Facebook grew, we faced a lot of challenges. One of them was explaining our company's mission, history, and culture to new employees. Over the years, a lot of formative company discussions and debates had happened in Facebook Groups, over email, or in person. Those who had been present at the time had context, but for new employees that information was difficult to find, even if you knew what you were looking for. We wanted to try to package a lot of those stories and ideas in one place to give to all employees.

The few pages Barry has scanned provide a really interesting look into the internal culture of Facebook. As the designer himself notes, the only we to see the whole book is to get a job at Facebook.

Source: Office of Ben Barry via The Next Web