Bugshot becomes Pinpoint

Pinpoint was released today by Lickability. I just wrote about the app, which is an update to Marco Arment's retired Bugshot mark up app, over at Today's iPhone:

I was a fan of Bugshot, its ease of use and lightweight experience making it quicker to get in and out of than alternatives like Skitch from Evernote. Building on Bugshot, Pinpoint adds text mark up, new colors for shapes and arrows, iOS 8 integration, and the ability to delete your original screenshots once you’re done adding annotations — perfect for those times when the sole purpose of your screen grab was for it to be annotated and sent on.

Marco has now opened up about handing over Bugshot to its new owners, shedding some light on the "purchase":

My friends at Lickability asked a while back if I’d be interested in selling Bugshot to them. Since it was worth approximately $0 under my stewardship and I had no plans to ever update it again, I just gave it to them and wished them the best, hoping they’d someday do something with it. Now, they have.

Pinpoint is a great update to Bugshot and provides a really lightweight experience for quickly marking up and sharing screenshots on iOS. While you might not use a tool like this every day, when you do it's really important to be able to get in and out of such an app quickly while getting the desired results. With Pinpoint, you can. 

It's also nice to see Marco gave it away for free considering he was no longer actively developing it. 

You can grab Pinpoint for free on the App Store, with some in-app purchases for additional mark up colors (and a neat way to support its development). 

Sources: Today's iPhone, marco.org