Behind the App #11: The Future

On the final episode of Behind the App, we take a look at the what the future of the App Store could be.

The Behind the App series has been excellent from start to finish. It has featured unique insights from some of the most prominent app developers, tech pundits and journalists with Myke Hurley tying it all together in a way only he can. The rebooted format for Inquisitive has been a resounding success for Myke and his Relay FM team and it's been a great listen throughout. If you haven't followed the series, I recommend revisiting episode #1 and listening from the start. 

I feel like the new Inquisitive has not only been insightful for fans of app development, but it's pushed podcasting itself forward as a medium. It "raised the bar", as Marco Arment astutely put it. The planning and interviewing, high production quality and overarching storytelling format resulted in something really special. I'm sad to hear Behind the App come to an end but I'm excited for what is coming next. 

Source: Relay FM