Flickr 4.0

Casey Newton at The Verge:

Today Flickr 4.0 is rolling out across the web, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. A new tool called Uploadr, available for Mac and Windows, looks for photos on your hard drive and uploads them to a private Flickr album in the background. On, a new feature called Camera Roll organizes them into a reverse-chronological timeline. The Flickr mobile apps for iPhone and Android have been rewritten nearly from scratch, emphasizing your own photos over the ones taken by people you follow. And a powerful new search engine cuts through Flickr’s billions of photos with impressive smarts, letting you quickly filter them by keyword, size, shape, quality, and color among other tricks.

Taken together, it’s the most significant update to Flickr since before Mayer became CEO. And thanks to its generous free storage option, it’s something that everyone in the market for photo storage will want to consider.

The changes to Flickr look extremely interesting. Had version 4.0 launched a couple of months ago, I would definitely have checked it out. But now that Photos for Mac is officially here and integrated so tightly with iOS and Mac, I think it's a less attractive prospect for viewing and editing my photos, despite Flickr's search smarts. 

However, Flickr's still offering that free terabyte of photo storage gives it real promise for purely backing up all of my photos and the UI is improved enough that it might not be a hassle to use. 

Source: The Verge, Flickr