Apple’s localization for China at WWDC

The importance of China to Apple has been noted by many, and it was once again on full display in this latest event. Apple has been increasingly China-focused and China-savvy, not least in their brilliant pricing of Apple Watch. Many foreign companies have struggled to enter China, but Apple has succeeded, in no small part due to Tim Cook’s understanding of and involvement in China. As a result, Apple has taken every opportunity it can to localize for the Chinese market. This WWDC wasn’t the first event, and it won’t be the last.

Mark D. Miller takes a look at the major ways Apple has updated iOS, OS X and watchOS for China, showing just how seriously Apple is in targeting this market.

During the keynote on Monday, I was struck in particular by the update to Maps in iOS 9. Transit coming to Maps was very much expected, but the amount of launch cities announced made me do a double take: 10 cities in North America and Europe, and over 300 in China. Craig Federighi breezed past this detail in the keynote but that is a huge show of intent. 

The other aspects across all of Apple's operating systems that highlighted in the piece show how important China is to the future of the company and Mark does his best to explain why each is significant.