Instacast discontinued

Benjamin Mayo at 9to5Mac reporting on popular podcast app Instacast's discontinuation

In an email sent to paid members, Martin Hering says that all of Vemedio’s products will be ‘discontinued’, with Instacast being the most well known app affected by this. [...]

Hering seems to imply that profitability issues are the cause as the email plainly states “I ran out of funds to keep the project going”. 

I'm sad to hear that Instacast is being discontinued, and less than a month after it gained an Apple Watch extension. For a long time, Instacast was one of the very best podcast apps on the App Store and was unique in its iOS/Mac availability. Given the current 'podcasting renaissance' it's even sadder that an app of this quality can't survive. 

It's tough trying to make a living on the App Store.

Source: 9to5Mac