On Apple Music

Many words have been written about Apple Music since it debuted at last week's WWDC keynote. Some are positive about the service, despite a somewhat lackluster introduction, and others are not so bullish on Apple Music's chances entering into an already-established streaming marketplace.

I've written about how I think Apple Music will do in terms of subscriber base (TL;DR very well), but we will only see in time — once those free trials begin to end — just how well Apple delivers on its promise of "one complete thought around music".  

Regardless of how well it succeeds, I'm personally incredibly excited for Apple Music. For a long time, I've bought music — CDs for the most part — and only in the last 6 months or so have I stopped purchasing music in any form and started listening to new releases on Spotify or YouTube. I haven't taken the plunge on a Spotify Premium account, but I've been close in recent months.

Apple Music comes at a good time for me. It will combine my iTunes library — both uploaded CDs and occasional iTunes purchases — with a streaming service that gives me unlimited access to music I don't own. What's really exciting me are the curation and discovery aspects. Beyond cost, one reason I have stopped buying music is that I spend less time listening to it. I have albums and bands I regularly play, I love nothing more than going to live shows, and sometimes I do stick my library on shuffle, but the vast majority of my audio-listening time is dedicated to podcasts these days. I'm looking forward to really getting back into music and finding some new musicians and bands along the way. 

With Beats Music's curation and recommendation features, radio (both algorithmic stations and live Beats 1 shows) and even Connect to a lesser extent, I hope to find more music that I like based on artists I already listen to. As an iOS and Mac user the majority of the time, it's also going to be made easy thanks to the integration of Apple Music with iTunes and my devices. 

I'll miss owning physical media. I've always been a little obsessive over my CD collection, reading the liner notes, and organizing them alphabetically. But I'm never going to own all of the music I want to listen to, and now feels like the time to embrace streaming. From June 30th, I'll have three months to see how it works out.