Sponsor: Pasteasy

Ever wish you could easily copy text from your Mac to and paste it on your iPhone, or copy an image on your PC and paste it into a document on your iPad? With Pasteasy, you can!

Pasteasy is a simple utility that syncs your clipboard instantaneously in the background on all your devices. With apps for Mac, PC, iOS and Android, it's never been easier to share text, links, photos, screenshots and more across platforms and devices.

Pasteasy features:

  • Simple copy and paste — Use native copy and paste actions. Pasteasy syncs the clipboard instantaneously in the background
  • Fast, scure and private — Encrypted over local WiFi for speed. No more waiting. It even works without WiFi, over personal hotspot.
  • Flexible sharing — Scan barcode to connect to one or more devices, yours or friend’s. You don’t need an email address, a phone number, a shared link, a friend request or anything to share photos with them.
  • Clipboard history — Save copied items in one place. You can browse, re-copy, preview, share or delete them.
  • Cross-platform — Copy across iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC

What's best is Pasteasy is free to download and use. Check out Pasteasy's website for more information