Smartflash inventor: "I'm no patent troll"

Patrick Racz, Inventor of Smartflash, a data storage and access systems technology at the heart of a sizeable patent dispute with Apple, writing at Huffington Post:

You'd never know from reading the headlines and the one sided reporting, that a real inventor with a legitimate claim for willful patent infringement was behind the case of Smartflash LLC v Apple Inc.

Many readers will be aware of the old adage "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" but in this case the real story and the facts are probably far more interesting than the myth being proffered by Apple.

Patent Troll... screamed the headlines around the world, after we soundly defeated Apple at trial, won a unanimous verdict for willful infringement and a Jury award for $532.9million.

It's interesting to hear the both sides of the story in a case like this. Apple has the global reach and media power to get its message out in whichever way it wants, so it's refreshing to hear from the other side. However, Patrick's account leaves a lot to be desired in terms of detail. 

Whoever you side with, this battle is still far from over. 

Source: Huffington Post