Tidal's Point Break

Micah Singleton at The Verge:

Tidal’s next attempt begins again today: Lil Wayne has signed onto the service and is releasing an exclusive new single called "Glory." Tomorrow, new desktop apps for Mac and Windows will arrive, along with a ticketing feature backed by TicketMaster that gives subscribers early and exclusive access to concert and music festival tickets. And there’s new pricing for college students starting next week: $4.99 for standard and $9.99 for the lossless Hi-Fi service.

There’s no guarantee that anyone can run with Apple or YouTube, but after talking to a host of Tidal executives and employees, it’s clear Tidal plans to be as aggressive as possible as the next generation of music unfolds.

I think Tidal is a product rushed to market in an attempt grab a slice of the streaming market before Apple comes in and dominates. There's a part of Micah's piece where Tidal executive Vania Schlogel explains why Jay Z and co. bought the already established Tidal rather than creating their own company and service. The short explanation: time. Even launching new apps and features this week — the last possible moment before Apple potentially takes wraps off its own streaming service — smacks of haste. 

Streaming is the future of music, and Tidal's launch needed to be before Apple's because it can't possibly compete with the Cupertino company's offering. Apple has revolutionized the music industry before, has the marketing power and dollars to push its new service, a crack team of music industry talent securing deals, and hundreds of millions of iPhones in the wild to pre-deliver the service on. Plus, Taylor Swift is apparently on board.

Tidal never stood a chance. 

Source: The Verge