How Android is becoming the new Windows

Annalee Newitz at Gizmodo:

Back then, the future was the web, and it gave birth to a thing called Google, which has come to rival Microsoft in its power — and its ability to set the agenda for our technological future. Now Google says the future is the operating system. We have come full circle — or, more accurately, we have looped around the spiral and returned to the operating system with a slightly different perspective.

The device ecosystem may be different, and the data may be bigger, but the goal is the same. Microsoft and Google want to create platforms that control the information machines of the world, for better and for worse. As PCs slowly wither away in importance, connected devices will take over — leaving Android to inherit the kingdom that Windows will lose.

The question is, in a decade or two's time, will Android meet a similar fate to that of Windows? 

Source: Gizmodo