What Apple Music says about how Apple views musicians

Brandon Shaw at Startup Musician:

Dear Apple,

I wanted to love Apple Music, I really did. It had all the potential in the world, and with all the hype surrounding the WWDC keynote, I watched with cautious optimism. Ultimately, though, I was disappointed. Here’s why.

Brandon makes a few sound points — Apple should have been more up front with how it is going to pay musicians for streams; that it's going to be hard to convince artists to adopt yet another social platform in Connect; and that the presentation of the reinvented Music app was dreadful. Iovine and Drake said basically nothing in their sections and Eddy Cue's demo was an appalling waste of time. The introduction of a great new service was spoiled by a terrible set of speakers. Apple Music's intro was confused somewhere between a tech demo and a pitch to musicians, and it didn't really work on either front. 

Where I disagree is that I find the new Music app in iOS 8.4 looks great. I do think it will be a little confusing at first — and perhaps some things need to be moved around to make it a little clearer to non-tech savvy users — but its design is way above that of the Spotify and Tidal apps in my opinion. 

Second, I think Beats 1 is more than "meh" as Brandon suggests. Zane Lowe is an incredible DJ — evidenced by the send off he received at Radio 1 — and he's heading up the project. It's more than just an "interesting throwback". With live, 24/7 radio, exclusive radio programming and the fact that it will be available to all users of Apple Music (paying subscribers or not), I think it's going to be an incredibly interesting project for Apple and something totally unique from the company. I can't wait to see (and hear) what Zane and his team have in store. 

Source: Startup Musician