Spring King: meet the first ever band played on Apple's Beats 1

Spring King is a musical side-project for the professional producer Musa, put together for love and not necessarily profit. With tracks recorded intentionally quickly, with all the rough edges intact, the aim of the band was to build an audience, play shows and sell T-shirts to pay for the petrol, Musa says, not to attract the attention of a mega corporation like Apple or its taste-maker-in-chief Zane Lowe. To find that they were not only played on Lowe's new show, but explicitly hailed as an inspirational force behind the station's launch, was "overwhelming".

Michael Rundle at Wired UK chats to Manchester-based Spring King — the first band ever played on Beats 1. 

Interestingly, Spring King's Tarek Musa seemingly had no idea his band would be played on Apple's new global radio station — he hadn't heard from Apple beforehand and the first he knew of the play was when he started receiving messages during the broadcast of his track "City". Musa:

I feel like Zane Lowe woke up the other morning and just thought 'let me just fuck with these guys. I'll just put them on first' ... all of a sudden I just started getting a flood of text messages. I was in the studio playing drums and I just thought 'why is my phone going off'. I don't know if Zane was just playing a joke on us but it's a great joke.

I don't think Spring King will be the last band to get a big break on Beats 1. 

Source: Wired UK