Candy Clans Crush Saga Clash

Eric Benjamin Seufert, posting at Mobile Dev Memo earlier this week:

Since both King Digital and Supercell, the developers behind perennial Top Grossing competitors Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans, report their financial results, the percentage of total app economy market share the two companies control can be estimated; the conclusion is a considerable 14%.

In this interesting article, Eric takes a look at revenue from mobile apps and comes to the above conclusion. It’s amazing to think that these two free games, and the companies behind them, can be as profitable as they are.

Being free, there’s two ways they could be making money: in-app advertisements or consumable in-app purchases. The takeaway: just because something is free doesn’t mean someone isn’t making a profit on it.

Of course, this explains how other free games, like Game of War, have the budget to run a $40 million marketing campaign starring a well known model and actress.