Is the Windows Phone community imploding?

Dan Rubino, editor-in-chief at Windows Central, on the current state of Microsoft's mobile OS, its broader product plans and the surrounding community:

The problem for Microsoft is everything is down the road. The promise of Universal apps? Coming soon. The promise of ported apps through Bridges from Android, iOS, Win32 and web apps? On the way. New exciting Windows Phone hardware? Just around the corner! A stable and mature OS that can compete with Android and iOS and even surpass them? It's almost here!

However, as mentioned above I still see Windows 10 as being just damn awesome – even if on paper. The desktop OS is doing very well so far with mass adoption and – let's face it – very little blowback in acceptance. Xbox One is still gaining and adding Windows 10 to it should be exciting. The Surface Pro is doing so well Apple is now copying it. HoloLens is still some crazy technology that is hard to believe exists. Now add Continuum and yeah, there is still some spark left in Windows Mobile.

So things are bad. We are in the pits right now at the lowest point, but what else is there to do? If you want Android or iOS, go ahead. If Windows Phone becomes great, just come back. Switching phones has never been easier especially since apps and services are abundant and even more convenient with 'the cloud'.

Microsoft's mobile mess — three OS reboots in as many years as Rubino points out — has been caused by poor vision and execution from the company ranging as far back as 2005/6. Microsoft missed out on mobile and has been playing catch-up ever since (its missteps on the desktop hardly boosting the overall brand cachet). 

In many ways, I'm really rooting for Microsoft. I've been impressed by some of the bold decisions Satya Nadella has made in his short time as CEO, there are some exciting products being developed in Redmond, and I strongly believe we need a third horse in the Mobile OS race. Windows Phone has always been that unique alternative to iOS and Android.

Windows 10 strikes me as the last roll of the dice for Microsoft's mobile OS ambitions. 

Source: Windows Central