My take on the leaked MacBook Pro image

You'd think Apple would hold back some things from their OS updates. This is straight from macOS Sierra's 10.12.1 update.

Some thoughts:

  • The model would appear to be a 13-inch MacBook Pro, yet it shows speakers no the sides. If the MacBook Pros are to have a smaller footprint, then the keyboard is likely to shrink. My guess is it's using the same keyboard found in the MacBook. This leaves room for the speakers.
  • Touch ID coming to the Mac is a great move. But how is it being implemented? Apple has been adamant about security on their iOS devices, which is why the Secure Enclave is so important. To include Touch ID on the Mac, Apple is likely also including a secure chip, possibly the same Secure Enclave found in the iPhone 7. 
  • As rumored, the function keys are gone. In their place seems to be an OLED touch bar. Some say it'll be running on an ARM chip, with comparisons being that of integrating an iOS device into the Mac. How much access will developers get to this? And will someone hack it to run UIKit?
  • Speaking of Touch ID, it is a dedicated part of the touch bar. Note the outline on the far right, similar to the ring around the home button on iOS devices.

While this takes away some of the magic of the Apple event on Thursday, I am excited to hear more about these Macs and what else is new and improved in them. If Apple is okay adding new chips to support the touch bar, are there other hardware improvements, even more custom silicon, worth mentioning?