Sleep++ 2.0 for Apple Watch

Developer David Smith on his site:

There is something really special about hearing that the work you do is positively impacting the lives of your customers. All this has made me want to make Sleep++ better and better.

Today I’m delighted to announce Sleep++ 2.0 which makes the app both more capable and easier to use.

I use Sleep++ every night to track my sleep. The Sleep++ 2.0 update was released last week. Now you can trim the sleep data with the iOS app, so if you forget to turn off Sleep++ when you wake up, you don't have an entry for 24 hours of sleep.

Also, for those that are curious: yes, it is possible to wear your Apple Watch all night. David Smith has a post about wearing your Watch all day, as well.

This update also makes Sleep++ a free app. If you have an Apple Watch and want an app to track sleep data for your Health app, definitely check it out.