Algorithmic photos by Instagram

According to a blog post by Instagram, they'll soon be showing photos in a new, sorted order. Their algorithm will sort through your feed and show you items that they 'believe you will care about the most.' They'll look at content, your relationship with the one posting the photo, and the time the photo was posted. Given Instagram is owned by Facebook and has been for a while, I'm surprised this feature is only now coming to the photo network.

While reorganizing your photos with their smart algorithm, Instagram says they won't be removing any. At least, they won't be doing so from the beginning. Instead, they'll be focusing on optimizing the order of photos first. Given how scrolling Facebook's smart feed will never reveal certain posts, though, it'll only be a matter of time before certain photos never make it into your Instagram feed.

I'm mixed on this change. So long as there is an option to view the timeline in chronological order, I'm all for giving this change a try. But as with Facebook's news feed, I don't like missing things that I would've been interested in seeing had it not been for a computer assuming I didn't want to.

Thankfully, these changes won't be coming for a couple of months. And they promise to listen to feedback along the way. Let's hope I truly don't miss any photos that I'd love to see.

Source: Instagram