Hours 2.0 and Hours for Teams

Jeremy Olson of Tapity:

I was a dreadful time tracker myself so I understand deeply why people hate tracking their time. I am convinced time tracking itself isn’t the problem — in fact, now that I track every minute of my time, I am much more productive because I am conscious about where my time is going. No, the problem is that time tracking tools have not been designed to be really good at tracking time as you go.
That changes today with the launch of Hours.

I've been a consultant for three and a half years, and tracking time was a difficult thing for me to do for a long while. When Hours was first released in the Summer of 2014, that all changed. I, too, can say that I have become more productive.

Hours 2.0 brings new features for teams, reports and analytics, and support for more devices and the browser. The iPhone app gets a newer look, support for 3D Touch shortcuts on the home screen, and data syncing with the new Hours for Teams.

Whether you're a freelancer or not, tracking time on your Apple Watch or wanting to do so in the browser, this is something worth looking into. Definitely check it out!