Rose Gold MacBook

When Apple introduced the new MacBook design last year, some called it the MacBook One. That, of course, was because of its single USB-C port.

In a press release today, Apple has announced an updated MacBook: same design, latest processors, and the first Mac with the Rose Gold color option. Until the other Macs get that option, I'll call this the Rose Gold MacBook.

As an update, it's a seemingly minor one. Looking at processor speeds alone, you'd think there was no update at all. But moving to Intel's Skylake processors not only bring some improved battery life but also some performance improvements.

If you've held off on the new MacBook, this might be the one for you. If you must have everything Rose Gold in your life, this is a must buy for you. Otherwise, if you need a powerful laptop, like me, stick to the MacBook Pro line.

Another piece of news in Apple's press release today: All 13-inch MacBook Air models now come with 8 GB RAM standard. From a performance standpoint, that's a good minimum to have. That only leaves the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-Retina; remember this one?), 11-inch MacBook Air, and Mac Mini base models starting with 4 GB. While not terrible, any new Mac purchase should be of an 8 GB or higher configuration. It's one of the requirements for future-proofing your purchase.